Oma Else's Ruby Fruit Tea

Oma Else's Ruby Fruit Tea


The Product

This tea showcases our grandma Mary as a child. It encompasses the sweet taste of childhood in a beautiful tea tin.

This product comes with 1 tea tin and 1 package of tea.

Tea Characteristics

This herbal tea is a refreshing blend of apple, rosehips, hibiscus and oranges. Enjoy this tea hot or iced.

This drink reminds us of hot summer days in Oma Else’s backyard in Germany.
Tip: Sweeten and freeze for delicious popsicles

Luxury Ingredients

Apple, rosehip, orange pieces, hibiscus petals, and natural flavours. Caffeine free.

Brewing Instructions

Pour 7-9 oz freshly boiled water over 1 tsp of tea. Steep 3-7 mins. Sugar to taste, do not add milk.

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